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                          WHAT IS HORSE HEALING ADVENTURES?


I have been passionate about horses since my father put me on a pony at six months old.

Dad said be a teacher, you have been teaching us all since you could talk about whatever you knew.


I did both, I became a credential teacher and then I became certified with the American Horse Association in 1990.

Combining both passions.

I am constantly studying the experts so I can instruct my students of all ages to be SAFE and have FUN, while learning about these magical spiritually amazing creatures, horses.

Call us to book an adventure at 818-884-0173



  1. Re this site: Nicely done.

    Even if you don’t want to affiliate w/ Cimmaron, I still recommend calling to consult on occasion.


    • I did friend them, when I see Elle on Tuesday I will talk to her about it. Glad you like it I still have more to do

    • Thank you for the question. Yes, there is a limit of 235 pounds. I also want the person to be safe and if the person weights a lot, then there is an issue of balance. Thank you for checking.

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